Until X1000 Server Opening


Grand Opening of X5000 65k Max Stats

Grand Opening 13th of June At 16:00 by server time 

Classic Fun PvP


Short server description:

  • Version of Mu Online: Season 15 Part 3;
  • Experience: x5000;
  • Reset when you reach 400 level; (STATS ARE NOT BURNING)
  • For Each Reset Players get 3 Credits (VIP: 6 credits) Credits are rewarded only if you are doing reset in your web account panel;
  • Grand Reset when you reach 50 resets;
  • Max grand resets count: 25; (reward - 800 Credits)
  • All classes from 1 level;
  • Guild Create from: 150 level;
  • MuBot (MuHelper) from: 30 level;
  • Maximal stats: 65k;
  • 5 Socket System Work, no same sockets, sockets+exc. DISABLED!
  • Vote Reward System: (Free 4 credits every 12/24 hours).


Vip Account Extras:

  • Vip accounts can use offlevel mode (cmd - /offlevel)
  • Offlevel with cmd /offlevel (Need goblin points)
  • Exp, Drop, Rewards for resets - X2;
  • X2 Creation success rate (Wings,Items,Enhanced,Pentagram)

Mu Online MuMurder Season 15

New Map "Kubera Mine" and new Character - Rune Wizard has 4 evolutions like all standard classes: Rune Wizard 1st class, Rune Spell Master 2nd class and Grand Rune Master as 3rd class! S15 brings new features like jewel divide and combine from inventory, no more full inventories. New level if item enhancement, from awakening to Soul weapons, and Blue Eye items which brings new great ancient options! New epic wings for Wings of Disillusion for Grand Rune Master and Wings of Fate for 4th class. Features: Grow Lance Archangel's Absolute Weapon, New hunting area Kubera mine, 4th Mastery Weapon 5th Armor, Rune Wizard 4th Wing & 3rd Mastery Item, Rune Wizard 4th Division & Skill Enhancement Tree.

Posted13 / 06 / 2020Byadmin

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